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Northeast Ohio house prices up a lot

Dated: 09/20/2018

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Good news for the Cleveland Metro market especially Cuyahoga County. That counties prices rose 9%....

" In Cuyahoga County, the average sale price for a new or previously owned house or condominium rose 9 percent from a year before, to $184,288. Summit County's average sale price hit $180,616, a 6.4 percent annual gain"
There was a 9% growth in previously owned homes from last year. That is nice growth and keeps Cleveland steady. With all the new building going on in the Cleveland real estate market prices are pivoting up. 
"Home sales picked up, too, rising 4.2 percent from their August 2017 levels and picking up from July's pace. And properties changed hands at a faster clip. Homes sold in August spent 61 days on the market, on average, about a week less than a year before."
That is good sales and 61 days on average is really good. If you need to sell your home now may be a great time to do it. 
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